Monday, March 16, 2009

Back 2 Hometown, Back 2 Babyfood..

My bowl of porridge with some carrots and fried fish.........

I have been missing in action here again for the past few weeks as I am back to my hometown house for some peaceful recovery of my gastro reflux ailment. 'Missing' because my hometown house has no internet connection. Hope I will recover soon enough to be back here in Penang with my boys for some blogging fun.

This recent gastro problem is a very bad experience for me after my RA. All the enjoyment of eating nice food has turn into a nightmare. I have not been eating rice for nearly a month already. All my stomach could hold now are just soft food or you can call it baby food as I only eat a small amount like what a toddler eats. I have to supplement my daily meals with some nutritional milk products and eating 6 to 7 times a day is really getting on my nerves. I will just pray that I will be well enough to eat a normal meal in time to come again and live life to the fullest.

I really miss all my buddies here in the blogsphere and will be sharing my few cents worth of life happenings here when I get my health back.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watch Your Feet............

You would be suprised how much your feet can reveal what kind of person you really are.

The Chinese believe "cold arises from the feet" and "a person's aging starts from the feet". The feet are the source of hidden troubles for premature senility and pathological changes in the human body. They Chinese believe that every meridian point in our feet is a part of our body system; therefore foot reflexology is the ideal treatment for the elderly, the stressed executive, the sportsman, in fact just about anybody. But did you know that just by observing the shape of a person's feet and legs, you can learn about their characteristics, personality traits and innermost secrets?

So start looking down at your feet and see for yourself how true it is from the following info.........

When legs are long, lean and smooth, this suggests the person will enjoy a smooth sailing life with few obstacles. You are an active, hardworking and helpful person. You are likely to have a very good life before your thirties. After 30, your life depends on other destiny indicators.

When your legs are short relative to your body, this suggests you are smart, attentive and quiet. You prefer jobs which do not require you to deal with too many people. You may face some obstacles before your thirties, but after that your luck improves tremendously for the better.

Someone who walks with an inward splay suggests they are low profile, preferring the stable life rather than taking risks.

If you walk with a splayed feet, it suggests you are a busybody. You can be more into other people's business than your own. You love to show off to others and are usually very talkative.

When feet are bony, this suggests a poor person. Life has many difficulties and it is a struggle to make life go smoothly. So do try to fatten up your feet. Nothing like good fleshy feet to bring the good life!

When your toes are sharp in shape, it suggests you are the black sheep of the family. You love to spend money but are lazy to work; it indicates a lack of great achievement in life.

When your feet are meaty and smooth, it suggests you will become very prosperous and rich. It is also an indication that such a person's family is very rich, belonging to the privileged class.

When your toenails are round in shape and smooth, especially if you are a woman, this suggests you will marry a rich husband.

When your toes are tiny, this suggests you are a responsible and honest person. People with tiny toes are said to make good spouse material.

When you feet are big, (size 8 and above for men and size 7 and above for women) this indicates you are a "survivor". You can deal with any kinds of problems, setbacks, obstacles or difficult people. You are decisive and can provide strong leadership.

When your middle toe is the longest among your toes, it is not a good indication as it suggests your destiny could turn irksome during middle age. You could suffer from a perpetual shortage of money and face obstacles that block your success.

When your second toe is longer than your big toe, this suggests you will have plenty of food on the table and plenty of friends around you. You impress others with your good heart, so many will speak well of you. But you need to work hard to maintain your increasingly extravagant lifestyle.