Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lunch @ Buono Pizza Bar n Ristorante..............

In my recent holiday break to the Lion City State, I had my first taste of a very nice authentic Italian Cuisine in a quiet suburbs of Serangoon Gardens. Even my poor Singaporean cab driver could not find this  place refer to us in the news and food  magazines as he does not have a GPS. Later we hailed another cab with GPS and we managed to find it nestled among a housing estate on a corner of a row of sleepy  shophouses.

We do not know what to order at first and finally on the recommendation of the nice waitress  we try a few of their famous and popular dishes.

For appetizers we had huge bouquet of  Portbello mushrooms covered with awesome cheese sauces that trigger your senses with its creamy flavor and sucullent mushroom on every bite. It is served with a portion of fresh garden salad.

Then follow by creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread.

Their thin and crispy yet soft on the edges homebaked  Buono pizza is not to be missed. Topped with thin slices of pork sausages, mushrooms , rocket salads and mozzarella cheese on a bed of cream sauce.

Their special of the day was Beef Cheek Stew , the best I had ever tasted. The beef  was so tender and in fact you dont have to chew on it as it just disintegrate in your mouth in flavorful sauces. Come served in large portion on a hot earthern claypot.

For pasta the seafood linguine drowned in mussels, clams, squids, prawns  and crayfish in rich flavorful and savory sweet tomato sauces made it a  delight to your tastebuds. Wrapped in foil it is served hot and kept warm while you go for a second helping.

The seafood Risoto in rich creamy tomato sauces  is  well done and not too overpowering with its rich flavorful sauces. It tastes sweet and not sour like some othe tomatoes based dishes.

Lastly  the Truffle Ravioli like our chinese wonton wrapped in truffles was really good too. Drown in rich creamy white sauces the ravioli was of the right texture and bite.

With such nice food and ambience in a quiet place any Singaporean or food lovers would go the extra mile to have a good meal.

Here is the friendly Italian Chef cum owner Mr Salvatore Buono with me......

Location of Buono Pizza bar is no 23 Lichfield Road, Serangoon Gardens......