Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tang Yuen 2010.......

Yummilicious Tang Yuen with black sesame fillings..........

Tang Yuen ready to be serve in sugar syrup......

The Tang Yuen floats up when cooked............

I finally made my tang yuen or glutinous rice balls this year after my niece Lena bought a packet of the glutinous rice flour for me. Today, my son H help me knead the dough and fill the balls with peanut and black sesame fillings. It is such a tedious job filling the tiny balls with fillings and its good if there are more helpers but I have only one son who can cook. It is worth all the hard work if you can bite into the soft balls and taste the delicious fillings melting in your mouth. Like to share the recipe here.

Son H wrapping up the dough with black sesame seeds fillings.....

Peanuts fillings: Blend peanuts and rock sugar til fine

200gs peanuts- roasted n skinned
150g rock sugar

Black sesame fillings:

100g black sesame- washed, drained and toasted in pan then blend til fine
50g soft brown sugar
50g butter

Syrup: Bring all ingredients to boil til sugar dissolved

2 litres water
200g rock sugar
4 pandan leaves knotted


400g glutinous rice flour
2 tbsp wheatstarch flour(Teen Mien Fen)
200 ml hotwater
200 ml cold water

Put glutinous rice flour in a bowl. Add hot water and stir with a wooden spoon to mix. Then slowly add cold water to knead into a smooth dough. Divide dough into 3 portions to add the desired color. Then pinch off a small portion of dough and roll between palms into rounded balls. Flatten into thin disk and wrap around 1 tsp of filling and roll into a rounded ball. Repeat with the rest of the dough.

To cook the rice balls, boil water in a pot or wok. Drop in glutinous rice balls and cook until rice balls float up. Dish up with a perforated ladle and drop into a bowl of ice cold water for 5 minutes.

Serve it with prepared syrup water. It can be serve hot or cold.