Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homemade Carrot Noodles.....

Recently I bought a versatile juicer that can also process noodle. So after juicing my carrots, I add the juice into flour mixture to knead into a dough. I add some eggs to make a more springy noodle. Homemade noodles is fresh and you can add other juices like wheat grass or spinach for a healthier meal.

Divide dough into small pieces .......

Noodles are process by my juicer machine.......


500 g medium protein flour
3 eggs
3 tbsp carrot juice
3 tbsp water
10g oil
1 tsp salt


I used my thermomix machine to knead into a smooth dough. Those without it can used a bread maker or manually knead with hand which takes about 10 minutes to become a smooth and elastic dough. Leave the dough to prove for an hour cover with a damp cloth. For my noodle maker I just divide the dough into 10 small oblong shaped and press into the juicer to cut out. Wonderful isn't it to have such a good invention saving all my time and hardwork instead of roll out into thin sheets with a rolling pin which my weak arthritis hand could not do. So there is no kneading, rolling or cutting for me to do by hands. Easy peasy for me and I can made any noodles I want in less than 10 minutes. Flat pan mein noodles, round noodles, thin wan tan noodles is all I can made with just a change of the desired nozzle.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice! I loved it! This type of homemade noodle is healthier. I wanted to try to make my own so many times but my laziness got the better of me. :P

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine,
It's been a while...Glad to hear that you've found a machine that can make such healthy noodles and make life easier for you. It's inspiring to see that you've not let pain deter you from your passion of cooking.

P.S. Love your songlist.

ck lam said...

As always, great to see homemade food and snacks in your website :)

Anonymous said...

I thing it good product of juicers .soon it will reach the market….
Give more information about ur juicers uses...