Friday, February 29, 2008

My Laptop LCD Screen Had A Black Out.....

Yesterday....the lcd screen on my more than two years old laptop...suddenly fail to open its is fill with distorted lines that render me helpless with no way of putting myself IT smart son had gone to when my son came back from work today...he check on it and told me the lcd screen is having problem and i might have to replace my dear readers...i might be doing less blogging...when i sent my laptop for repairs this Monday....hopefully i can get it repair by next week....

If i can manage to get hold of son's what i'm doing now...i might get connected to all of you....


U.Lee said...

Hello Sweet Jasmine, noticed your interesting callsign at Agnes's blog.
I like your blog decor, and the rainbow is beautiful.
Seeing it reminds me of the song, "somewhere over the rainbow".
And again, looking at your blog header brings to mind, love is like the sun coming out of the clouds after a rain and a rainbow warming your soul.
You have a nice day, keep well, UL.

Sweet Jasmine said...

u.lee - thks for swinging by...glad u like my is as colorful as a rainbow too...

U.Lee said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine, thanks for popping over my place.
By the way, re your callsign,'sweet jasmine'...I published a post last week, re "mystery wife behind a veil'...about a Nonya lady who wore a ring of sweet smelling jasmine flowers in her hair.
Glad you enjoyed my present story.
Should you be interested and free, take a peep at my archives, some weeks back, at three of my favourite actual experiences,
1/ You are not my son,
2/ My tears never dry for you,
3/ A Faded letter from the past. (This is a very long story, 19 episodes, took 3 weeks to post, two every few days, between a matured woman's love for a man half her age...the conclusion posted two weeks ago only under, 'conclusion of Faded letter).
Thanks for dropping by, I guess from your comments in my place, you and me share similar book interests, huh?
You keep well, Sweet Jasmine, best regards, Lee.
Oh ya, you have two same comments in my blog, I'll delete off other one. Will reply. L.