Thursday, August 21, 2008

How To Attain Victory Hair....

With the Olympic games going on in Beijing, everyone is talking about victory. But this victory I am showing here is of a different kind. It is call Victory Hair and of course as the name implies has something to do with your hairstyle. To obtain Victory Hair is just as difficult as obtaining a gold medal in the Olympic games. Victory Hair is achieved when a guy successfully gets the girl of his dream to fall heads over heels for him or vice versa and in the process had their hair messed up after a make out session.

I have some tips here which might help you get your Victory Hair....

1) Be as charming, friendly as possible and be yourself.

2) Be as confident as ever in showing your interest in her or him.

Look into her or his eyes while communicating and nowhere else.

4) Do not talk about your Ex.

5) Show good manners and no foul language.

If you consider yourself the best flirt in town or better than others try out this online game called the Ultimate Flirting Championship hosted by Extreme Style by VO5 to see how you score. Test your flirting skills here by choosing a character for the game whereby you will be assigned as a contestant or a judge. As a contestant you have to outflirt your opponent by answering a few questions and be judged on your flirting skills in order to obtain Victory Hair.

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bokjae said...

Hey I've got more hair then teeth!!!!