Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jelly Mooncake with cheesy fillings..................

Since mid-autumn festival is just around the corner, I have yet to make a mooncake or rather a jelly mooncake which i much prefer to the baked lotus paste ones. It has been raining cats and dogs these few days and anything jelly-like will make everybody shiver. But I would like to share my previous creations with my readers.

Black Forest Cherry Cheese mooncake.....................................

See the pitted cherries inside the cheese fillings..........................

Cherry Cheese fillings (make 5-6)

3 1/2 tbsp water
2/3 cup UHT milk
50gm sugar
1 tsp agar-agar powder
50gm cream cheese
10 pitted cherries(from a can), drain on absorbent paper
round tart moulds

Bring the first four ingredients to boil. Add in softened cheese and stir continuously with a hand whisk.Turn off heat once mixture starts to bubble and pour in round tart moulds. Place two pitted cherries in the mould and allow to set completely before chilling in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cherry Syrup Skin (makes 50)

2 1/2 tsp agar-agar powder
1  3/4 cup water
70gm sugar
4 tbsp cherry syrup
1/2 tsp red colouring
round jelly mooncake moulds

Bring the first 3 ingredients to a boil. Add the cherry syrup and colouring and bring to a quick boil. Turn off the heat. pour 1/2 cm layer of of cherry syrup skin mixture into the moulds and allow to cool until it is almost set (3/4 set). Place prepared cheese fillings in the centre of the mould. Fill up with cherry syrup skin mixture and allow to set completely(about 20 minutes) before chilling in the fridge for another 30 minutes. Unmould the mooncakes and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. (adapted from Flavours magazine-recipes by Debbie Teoh)


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