Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stir- fry.......Honey Abalone sauce...


A packet of honey beans
1/2 carrot - sliced
1/2 canned straw mushroom
50 gm minced meat -( seasoned with salt and pepper)
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp abalone or oyster sauce
1/4 cup water
cornflour thickening- (1 tsp cornflour mixed with 1 to 2 tbsp water)


Blanched the beans, carrots in hot water( add a pinch of salt to water) til soft- about a minute. Keep aside and use the water to blanch the mushroom for a few seconds to get rid of smell. In a wok , heat up oil and stir fry garlic til fragrant then add in the mince meat. Fry til the meat change colour (red to pale) ...then add in abalone sauce and mix well. Next, add in water to get a watery sauce. When the sauce boils add in the rest of the blanched ingredients. Mixed well and add in thickening and stir to thicken. spoon out immediately to a plate and serve it while still hot.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh wow, this is almost identical to what I have whipped out. :D
This dish is sure tasty!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Little corner of mine -yea..delicious...MIL..almost finish the whole plate....yrs looks good too with so much sauce...

Jane Kaylor said...

Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it. Fresh or frozen local abalone is cheaper but will never give the same taste, flavor and texture as canned abalone. I love the flavor and taste of canned abalone and one day I want to eat abalone like 'abalone kings' do: braised in sauce and served whole, like a steak, washed down with a good white wine. Cut with a knife and fork of course. Meantime, it's still cheaper to slice abalone thinly and share with the family. I love this dish. It's such a special treat

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi Jane, thanks for dropping by. I too do love this exotic an expensive canned abalone. I will usually had it on Chinese New Year where i blanch it in my chicken soup and slice it to be share out. For the other days abalone sauce will do the craving.