Sunday, December 4, 2011

Belated Birthday Dinner @ Aroi Thai Restaurant...........

The other day one of my dearest friend Adelyn had turned a year older  and we made it an excuse to catch up with her again to have none other than food on our mind. Though everyone was busy working their heads off we still find time to celebrate her birthday though belated. This time we had our get together celebration at a fine Thai restaurant along the busy Burma Road in Pulau Tikus known as Aroi Thai Restaurant.  Here are what we ordered for the 5 of us........

Cha Om... a Thai omelette with Om vegetables.......The omelette was nicely fried with a crispy outer layer with the Om vegetable wrapped in the inner layer. Quite appetizing for those who love omelette but I  would prefer if they add more of Om vegetables for a more crunchy taste to the dish instead of the eggy smell overpowering the sweet smell of Om vege.

Phad Phuk Ruam Mit Moo,....this is our normal Chinese dish of  stir fried mix vegetable dish  of bits of cauliflower, baby sweetcorns, carrots, green leafy vege flavored with slices of chicken breast. Just right for my sensitive stomach which could not take spicy food. 

Pandan Wrapped Chicken....a herbal marinated pieces of chicken thighs wrapped in  pandan leaves and then deep fried in hot oil. The meat was nicely marinated and taste good with the aromatic flavors of pandan in its tender meat. 

Geang Som Pla.......Sweet and sour fish... A very nice spicy dish with a special sweet spicy and sour soup cooked with slices of coconut flesh and coconut water  that is poured over the deep fried fish. The soup was yummy according to my niece Lena and as she almost drank up all the soup to my delight as to its goodness. I  had to be contented with just nibbling on  the crispy fish  and the sweet slices of coconut flesh drowned in the sweet and sour sauce. 

Poo Cha,....a new dish of the restaurant which was not on the menu yet.  It is actually stuffed crabs with crabmeat and minced meat with some herbal ingredients. It was stuffed with too much of  meat which I find  too meaty for my liking. More crabmeat with less minced meat and a more spicy flavor is what I find lacking. Though the meaty fillings was eaten with some sambal belacan provided I would love to have more of the spicyness of pepper or ginger in the fillings. 

Overall the food was nicely presented and pleasing to the eyes. Service was good too with not too much waiting and  served with a smile. The nicely lit up spaces of warm lightings making the ambience cosy and relax.  We really had a great night there feeling our tummies to the brink and have no more space for any desserts but seeing that we are still spending our time chatting for an extra hour after dinner the owner was kind enough to give us a plate of mango glutinous rice with coconut milk on the house.

Mango with glutinous rice and coconut milk..............

5 of us having a good time...........................

Aroi Thai Restaurant is located at:

391 Jalan Burma
10350 Pulau Tikus

Tel: 04- 2276771

Lunch: 11.00 am - 2.30 pm
Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.00 pm

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