Friday, October 2, 2009

Mooncake Jelly- 2009

Verdict:- My mooncake jelly did not turn out too well this year 'coz of the quality of the agar agar powder used. It is too mushy and soft. I still prefer the Happy Grass brand which I could not find here in Penang. Almost half of it has its skin sticking to the bottom of the mould. Will remember to use a good brand for making the skin next time.

Its been a couple of years I have not been making these little desserts for the mid-autumn festivals due to ill health. But this time I am adamant to make it eventhough I am not feeling very good lately due to my RA. Not to miss another year of sharing my pretty jellies in the form of mooncake or rather to satisfy my cooking instinct I dig out some lotus seeds from my fridge to make some delicious lotus paste for the fillings. It takes some time to cook the paste but worth the effort as I used olive oil and honey to sweeten it for a more healthy paste.

After making the paste, I blended some frozen leftover durians and some mangos to make two kinds of fillings. The past years I make fillings with cream cheese but this time I try using lotus paste which is just as nice. Would love to share with readers my recipe.

Lotus paste:-

200g lotus seed
150g sugar
150ml olive oil
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp condensed milk
a pinch of salt


Soak lotus seed for about 30 mins. Then cook in pot of water til soft and tender.(about 30 mins). Strain and leave to cool. Blend it with some water into a smooth paste. Melt half the sugar in a wok or pan to caremelize it til golden brown. Add in blended lotus paste, olive oil and remaining sugar. Stir fry over medium heat til paste is smooth and does not stick to side of pan. ( about 30 min ). Stir in honey and condensed milk and mix well til well blended into paste. Cool and its ready to be used.

Lotus seeds........

Stirring the lotus pastes in wok...........

Durian fillings:-
120g mashed lotus paste
400ml santan (2 boxes low fat santan)
80ml water
120g blended durian flesh ( I blend it with a little of the santan)
1 tbsp agar agar powder
1/8 tsp salt

100ml milk
1/8tsp durian essense (optional)
few drops of yellow coloring


Mix A and bring to boil then add B and mix well. Strain mixture into a square patty tin of 20cm square or round tart moulds if you are using large jelly mooncake moulds.

Cooking durian fillings......

Pour fillings into pan to cool, then cut or mould into desired shape...

For the mango fillings the method and ingredients are the same except use blended mangos instead of durians. For mango add in mango essense.

Using a cookie cutter to cut out the fillings to fit the round mould.

Mooncake jelly in mould........

Mooncake Skin:-

1 tbsp agar agar powder
500ml water
4 pandan leaves, knotted
80g sugar
2 tbsp condensed milk

Mix the above and bring to boil. Add in the color of your choice.

For the method of preparation please refer to my other jelly mooncake posting here and here.


ck lam said...

That is a lot of work...salute to you for doing all that.

Happy Moon Cake Festival to you and your family :)

Sweet Jasmine said...

Ck, Happy Moon Cake Festival to u and family too.

I am really sad how my jelly turn out this year after all the hard work I put in but anyway I learn some lessons. Just once a year hardwork is not too bad :)

molly said...

Hi Jasmine,
Happy Moon Cake Festival!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Moon Cake Festival to you & family! At least you are hardworking enough to make your own moon cake jelly.

Dora said...

I don't know where I can get jelly mooncakes & I don't know how to make it... I love to try it since ppl said it's good when I blog-hopped.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to u SweetJasmine & ur Family!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Molly, Hope U enjoy your mooncake on this special day. Happy Mooncake Festival!

Sweet Jasmine said...

LCOM, I love making jelly mooncake just to share the pretty colorful jellies once in a year as well as to be creative. Not really difficult to make if you have the moulds. Try out my cheesy ones next time, it will surely win the hearts of yr children.

Happy Mooncake Festival to U & family too.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Dora, Happy Mooncake Festival to U & family too.
Some supermarket sells jelly mooncakes but they r very pricey. You can try making yrself with the recipes I shared. Enjoy yr mooncakes and looking at the moon tonight.

ladyviral said...

Oh such lovely jelly mooncakes...

Didn't turn out so well? In my opinion it is good! And durian filling too! Wow... Amazing.

I found your blog from Molly's blog... I read some post and enjoyed it... I will keep coming back. :).

Bengbeng said...

This is so clever of you :)

EastCoastLife said...

I want some jelly mooncake! Wah! durian filling some more leh! :D

Sweet Jasmine said...

ladyviral - the jellies taste good but doesn't look good with skin falling off. Welcome to my blog.

Sweet Jasmine said...

BB- clever too can tey making it.

Sweet Jasmine said...

ECL, come to my hse, will keep some for you..he..he..