Friday, July 6, 2007

Konnyaku Jelly

The weather has been very hot recently. So I decided to make some jelly to cool down. The above picture is the peach flavoured Konnyaku jelly with canned longan which I made yesterday. Konnyaku is a type of Japanese jellied paste which is made from a vegetable starch extracted from a tuberous root called devil's tongue.(wonder why it is called that??) It is chewy in texture unlike the normal jelly made from seaweed. You can get it in many flavours with sugar added or without sugar or flavouring (which is not so convenient) in most hypermarket. This jelly is good for us because it has a high calcium content. To make the jelly more attractive I use the jelly mould specially for konnyaku as in the above picture. I like to eat my konnyaku with evaporated milk or low-fat milk...hmmm....delicious...

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