Friday, July 6, 2007

Rheumatoid Arthritis - National RA Day

Since tomorrow (Saturday July 7th 2007) is the launching of the 1st National RA Day in Malaysia, I would like to write on this subject . I am an RA(rheumatoid arthritis) sufferer for about ten years now. Many people today still do not know much about this disease if they do not have relatives or friends having it. So I am very happy that recently the Arthritis Foundation M'sia is working very hard to bring awareness to the public about this very painful and destructive disease. If I had been aware of this disease ten years ago I would not have suffer so much. Luckily two and a half years ago an RA patient recommended me a very good rheumatologist (Dr.Chow Sook Kuan of Sunway Medical Centre, President of AFM) that changes my whole life for the better. Thank you Dr.Chow. When I first visited her , I could not straighten my two elbows because they were already stiffen. My knuckles were swollen and painful. Both my ankles were swollen and I could not walk or stand for too long at a time. I am on steroids , antinflamatory drugs and painkillers!! Because of lack of awareness and ignorance I have resort to all kinds of treatment (acupunture, chinese herbal, ayuverdic-(went to India 1998), quack doctors-I don't know why, but feeling very desperate at that time. ) but to no avail after all the money spent. Cannot count the number of direct-selling salesperson that comes a calling and my trying all their so called magic-healing products. One by one they just disappear after seeing my condition getting worse instead of better. To know more about this disease you can go to .


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hima- Thanks for dropping by and sharing a useful website....i will try to write more about this disease when i had more materials on hand. Now people with RA will be treated with modern drugs to slow down or block the disease from progressing the chances of them being bedridden or severe joint damage will not occur if treated early.