Monday, April 14, 2008

Mirror... Mirror ...On The Wall, ..............

Looking into the mirror this morning, I notice some things that worrys me. First I saw that my skin is not as smooth and as supple as it used to be. Small specks of freckles and sagging skin with some wrinkles that was not there before seems obvious now. I need to do something about it before it turns me into an old old witch of a woman. You can say this is vanity or anything but I do not care. I want to look good, feel good for myself no matter what it takes.

So off I go hunting into cyberspace for some miracle pill to stop these free radicals from further destruction of my precious body. My prayers were answered in this wonderful site here. What is so special about this store specializing in anti- aging products, also known as the Royal BodyCare Store is that all their products contain a type of antioxidant which has the highest level of electron -rich antioxidant found on earth called Microhydrin. With a researched-backed combine with a broad spectrum of eight types of powerful antioxidants they have created the most effective antioxidant in the form of capsules known as Microhydin Plus.

Besides this wonderful product, another product on their list that caught my eye is their Microbrite Tooth Powder. It is an antioxidant tooth powder that contains microhydrin that aids in fighting gum diseases by increasing the alkalinity and thus neutralizing the acidity in our gums and teeth. This state of art tooth powder also contains Xylitol to fight plague and also aloe vera to sooth our gum. Check out this product here for more information and you can also find other anti aging products that suits your needs. That said, they had a discount of 25 % off all their products, so hurry up and look out for something that will change your life for the better.


U.Lee said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine, take afternoon naps, as well weekends, it helps relax you and will keep any wrinkles away.
I know three women who are above 60, and they hardly have any wrinkles, and still with flawless complexion.
Their secret? Lots of afternoon naps, even 15 minutes will help...and lots of water.
Re freckles?
Hey, I think women with freckles look cute.
Not to worry Sweet Jasmine, if I see you on the street, I'l give a soft whistle, ha ha, but hope I don't walk into a lamp post. Lee.

Sweet Jasmine said...

U.lee - hi..lee,still dreaming of all the SYT on the streets...?
I believe having a good complexion is eating the right food and also some good genes will help though....i do not take naps at all...but i still keep well myself if i had enough sleep and exercise....Keep Well...