Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Global Incident Map........

Do you know that there is a global map that display suspicious events and terrorism that is happening right now in every country around the globe......and what made this map so special is that the incidents are updated every 310 seconds....constantly ,24/7......and you can even move the map around....zoom in on any one get a clear view of what is happening there and the location. Isn't it amazing to actually see what is happening right now in your country or countries around the globe.....? To get to this map here.


U.Lee said...

Hi Jasmine, guess I'll
take a pass on this site.
But I used to look at a site that has live video
of Malaysia (Asia) and used to look at the
traffic jams during KL morning rush hour.
Infact I even emailed my friends to smile when leaving for work as can close up see the cars, but occupants not very clear.
I haven't checked it out yet, but there are now
sites you can see any country, city, then close up to even the street, the homes.
You can even close up on THAT individual home!
So Jasmine, smile when you outside gardening, never can tell who might be admiring you from
somewhere in the world, could be *wink* uncle Lee. Ha ha.
You have a great day, and smile. UL.

Zooropa said...

Wow...really don't know there's such map available!


Sweet Jasmine said... can now be a peeping tom...with all these wonderful satelites doing its wonder around the globe...wish i could zoom over to yr place and see how you look like...over there....LOL..thanks for swinging by.....hve a nice day too...

Sweet Jasmine said...

zooropa - yes... better be careful...if you do anything bad....'wink' the whole world will be watching.....advance scientific inventions..