Saturday, March 22, 2008

Prawn Sambal.........

For making prawn sambal.....i made the sambal are the ingredients for sambal:

10 dried chillis- soaked,
5 fresh chillis
10 shallots
1 tsp belacan or shrimp paste powder
1 tsp tamarind pulp
4 tablespoon oil
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt


Blend the chillis, shallots and shrimp paste in a blender adding a little water for the blades to move. Meanwhile squeeze the tamarind pulp in 1/2 cup of water and strained to get the tamarind juice. Heat oil in pan and fry the chilli paste til oil separates and fragrant.

To make the prawn sambal, add shelled prawns to the sambal and fry for 5 mins til prawns are firm and cooked. Add tamarind juice, sugar and salt to taste. Cook for another 2 mins and it is ready to be served with nasi lemak or rice.

Anchovies or whitebait can be added to the sambal to make ikan bilis sambal. Just remove the heads and guts of fish,then washed and dry it before frying it in hot oil til crispy. Then add to the sambal using the method as for prawns.


U.Lee said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine, you know, a lovely woman like you, if not married, can be very dangerous to bachelors.
Looking at your nasi lemak and your this sambal udang, Holy Smoke! One spoon in their mouths, its habis cherita, sure fall in love with you.
When I was a bachelor, I managed to escape from the SYT's (sweet young things) I dated, because we always ate out, either Penang Gurney Drive, Singapore's East Coast Parkway, wherever, until I met this beautiful, gorgeous thing...and she did not play fair.
She discreetly learned my favourite dishes, Nonya dishes too, and she not even a Nonya, 100% Cantonese genes, 8% Hakka, she invited me home.
And there on the dining table, pineapple udang lemak, steamed garuper, hum choy pai kuat tong and sambal belachan, Nonya style.
Habis cherita! With her good looks, can cook (I double checked she did not tipu asked mother or friends to cook) and she had hooked me like an haruan on a line!
Can you imagine the number of SYT's she made angry when I got sangkut to her! Arhaaa ha ha.
And Sweet Jasmine, there is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.
Happy cooking to you, Sweet Jasmine, have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

lena said...

Wow.....why am i in KL not Penang? I will be visiting you every single day!

Sweet Jasmine said...

U. Lee- you r a lucky man to get a beautiful SYT wife to cook yr favourite dish.... nowadays most young girls do not they are too busy working and they get to eat out...

thks for dropping by and the 'compliments'...have a nice day.

Sweet Jasmine said...

lena - next time find a job in Penang....and a bf who can cook too...ha..ha..just pulling yr leg..

Kok said...

Now I am drooling liao... *sob sob*

daphne said...

I love this! Nicely done!!!!

lena said...

hehehhe..I will find one and bring him to you to coach him :P

Sweet Jasmine said...

kok - no need to drool...cook some yrself...

daphne - thks for swinging by...this is one appetizing dish everybody loves....

lena- i'm here waiting and will be glad to coach...

noobcook said...

wah you make your sambal from scratch!!! impressed! I cheat using a premade bottle of sambal from local supermarkets. Maybe I will try your homemade version when I'm feeling hardworking (and need to get blender first).

U.Lee said...

Hi Sweet Jasmine, out of curiousity, you have Nonya genes in you?
Bet you had a fabulous mom who motivated your culinary expertise, huh?
I agree with you re today's SYT's unable to cook, but experts at opening tins, ha ha.
I have two young friends who married Asian girls from another country North of Malaysia...apart from eating out 3 times a week, at home its 'instant noodles', or packet foods.
When we invite them over for dinner, my wife has to boil extra rice, ha ha.
I have a friend, he has looks that will make women swoon withing 50 feet, his wife, well, rather slim, plain looking, but she one real gourmet cook, you name the dish, Malaysian, Western or Indian, she cooks them, and he one happy hubby, with a 5 months pregnant tummy, ha ha.
Happy cooking, Sweet Jasmine.
Psssst, next time you cook hum choy tong, send me telegram, ha ha. Lee.