Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Step Forward With Cisco Certification...

My eldest son has chosen a path in the IT field as his career and he consider himself lucky to get a job in a multinational company after graduating with a degree in Networking and Information System. Before he got this job he is considering getting a Cisco certification as it seems 3 long years in college getting a degree is just not enough. What most employers or company want is experience and background training on the field you are good in. To make this possible there are many colleges and schools offering IT skills training that comes with a certificate on completion of the course. But why choose Cisco ?

Cisco certification is the right choice because it not only offers a variety of certification programs ranging from entry levels to other professional levels of your choice as well a being a credible and popular learning centre which has already awarded more than one million certification to networking professionals around the globe.

With a Cisco certification in hand it will bring a step further in your career advancement as it enables employers to validate the quality of their employees skills and also provide job opportunities in different levels according to their needs. Furthermore it will bring more valuable rewards and benefits than your college degree. So that's why my son is on his way to get a Cisco certification to open up more doors for him in case he had enough of his present job which will not give him much choice in career advancement or satisfaction.

For those who are not in the field of IT, getting a certification for your own advancement in networking will also provide better skills in this world of information technology. So do check out Cisco certification if you want to open your doors to better opportunity whether you are an IT professional or not.

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Johnny Ong said...

cisco certification is indeed a good one to take up