Friday, May 9, 2008

Frontier(s)...A Masterpiece Of Pure Horror... !


I used to watch horror movies once in a while but what I find disappointing and a waste of money and my precious time is that some horror movies are just so boring, unexciting, unrealistic, to the point of me falling asleep on my comfortable chair.

But after watching this Trailer...of Frontier(s) a new horror movie to be release in selected theatres this coming May 9th, I can tell you this is the most horrifying movie clips that I had ever watched. I would not recommend small children and those with a weak heart to watch this because most of the scenes are filled with horrifying tortures of humans as well as bloody and disgusting.

Frontier(s) has an exciting and intriguing storyline about a beautiful girl, Yasmin who had escaped from a race riot in Paris and in desperation seeks shelter with her shady ex boyfriend and his thug friends hiding from the police in a what they thought was a peaceful and perfect hiding place which later turn out to be a nightmare for them.............

So watch out for this unrated and uncut horror masterpiece at your nearest select theater listings ..........if horror movies is your cup of tea.
For those who cannot make it to the theatre you can watch it on DVD in the comfort of your living room by May 13th. For more information on Frontier(s) .....please look up this site of Horror Movie

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