Saturday, May 24, 2008

Make the World Go Away......

This is a small tribute to Eddy Arnold who sang this lovely song with his beautiful voice. Eddy Arnold was a country pop singer for a few decades stretching from the 40's to the late 80's.......This song which he first sang in 1965 was a big hit going to #1 on Country charts and #6 on the Pop charts. Arnold died on May 8, 2008, in Franklin, Tennessee, just one week short of his 90th birthday.

Original version sung by Eddy Arnold........

This version was sung by the Rock and Roll King....Elvis Presley in the early 70's...........

Recorded by Eddy Arnold
Written by Hank Cochran

CAPO: 1st Fret/KEY: C#/PLAY: C

[C] Make The World Go A-[F] way ... [G7]
And get it off my [C] shoulders
Say the things you used to [F] say ... [G7]
And Make The World Go A-[C] way [F] [C]

[C] Do you remember when you [G7] loved me
Before the world took me a-[C] stray
If you do then for-[F] give me
[G7] And Make The World Go A-[C] way. [F] [C]


I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'll make it up - day by day
Just say you love me like you used to
And Make The World Go Away.


TAG: Last 2 lines of chorus.
p.s. more of Eddy Arnold's songs on my i-pod playlist on the sidebar.


U.Lee said...

Hi Jasmine, yes, I remember Eddy Arnold very well, infact have several of his cassettes, Cd's too.
My favourite songs and music from a very young age has been country and Western songs as well oldies.
I remember one SYT who sat in my car and hearing Hank Williams said, "yeeeech...can't stand cowboy singers".
She never saw me again after the dinner, ha ha.
One lovely lady who sat in my car and hearing my selection of C/W songs said, "I love your selection of songs".
A year later she became Mrs Lee, ha ha.
My favourite singers are Slim Whitman, Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold, Freddy Fender, Roy Orbison, apart from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Benette etc.
Glad to know you love oldies too.
Keep well, Jasmine, and have a nice weekend.
Enjoy listening to your selections, *wink*. Lee.

Shern's mom said...

Ok, this is embarassing to say, but i never heard Eddy Arnold.

Anyway, I have a love link tag for you here,
Check it out and have fun tagging along.

Sweet Jasmine said...

u.lee - Hi, Lee...I am a music lover and I love country western as well as those rock and roll of the 60's and 70's...and as a piano teacher I indulge myself in classical music too. But modern days raps is not my cup of tea though.

Wow! you dump yr date who does not like your songs ! Your Mrs.Lee certainly knows the way to yr heart..*smile*

My Mr. Lee also loves music and had a few cupboardful's of collections.

You have a nice weekend too.

Sweet Jasmine said...

shern's mom - Hi,..there's nothing to be embarass about. Most people your age or my age too would not know about Eddy A 'coz he was a few generations older than most of you and besides his popularity was overtaken by other singers like Elvis and other country western singers of the modern genre.

Thanks for the tag. Will be over to claim it.

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