Monday, May 26, 2008

What Your Fridge Says About You.

Discover yourself with this interesting quiz.......mine is here:

What Your Fridge Says About You

You tend to be a very hedonistic, greedy person. You have trouble saying no to what you want.

You tend to be a fairly thrifty person. You splurge occasionally, but you're mostly a saver.

You don't tend to be a very adventurous person, but you do surprise everyone now and then. You have a bit of a wild side.

You are responsible, together, and mature. You act like an adult, even when you don't feel like it.

You are likely to be married - and very busy.


Kok said...

I noticed this; "You have a bit of a wild side."

Haha! How wild can you be?:P

Sweet Jasmine said...

Kok - How wild would you think I'll be....enough to tear your kocky skin out...? *smile*

Kok said...

Gosh, you're too wild! *running away*

eastcoastlife said...

I'm like you too. We are nice ladies. :)

no big no small... *piak piak Kok*

Zooropa said...

I'm afraid my fridge will say "Oh, pls give me a break ok..." hehehe...


Sweet Jasmine said...

eastcoastlife - yeah, we too nice to let anybody bully us....*grin*

Sweet Jasmine said...

zooropa - must have overload your fridge for it to mention that...another greedy person.